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Harlan Weber

5 days ago
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Add your event to the Civic Innovation Ecosystem Calendar: cal.codeforboston.org
Harlan W Tonight: Arlington Visual Budget!
19 days ago
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Carl S As of today (June 6), the meetup page says “Sign-ups have now closed.”
Kristen W Urban Planning with Virtual Reality: Inman Square Intersection
We're looking to create a moderately realistic model of the Inman Square intersection redesign as a way to communicate the City's plans and progress to the public. We'll also be testing how VR affects public opinion on a contentious planning issue.
Need skills:
- Sketchup or 3D modeling software in general
- Unity or AFrame
- Research / survey design
No VR experience required.
26 days ago
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Harlan W 48 in 48 Hackathon
June 2-4, 2017 at Arnold
Weekend hackathon to help local non-profits with building websites and other technology things
Civic Imagination: Conference on Civic Media
June 3, 2017 at District Hall 
Join Boston Civic Media’s third annual conference for a day of inspiring  keynotes, presentations and networking with peers and community leaders  around igniting civic creativity. Dive into topics including media  literacy, youth-led advocacy, DIY activist technologies, and creative  storytelling. We’ll also be announcing the first ever inter-campus  curriculum addressing climate change.
Common Boston Arts & Architecture Festival
June 3-4 2017, all over Boston
The Common Boston festival, a program of  the BSA Foundation, is a unique opportunity to discover and explore the  region's rich architectural, cultural, and historic resources. On  Saturday and Sunday June 3 and 4, 2017, more than  50 sites throughout  Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline will open their doors to  the public free of charge, allowing people to explore their city  environment and deepen their knowledge of their community. From innovative wood shops and rooftop gardens to 300 year old houses and tiffany's stained glass adorned sacred spaces, Common Boston's diverse range of sites sheds light on the great and hidden architecture of Boston.  
40 days ago
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Harlan W Quick info:
Lyre C Notes from previous meeting: May 9, 2016 hacknights
Matt C Looking for a civic tech job? http://codeforboston.org/jobs/
Isaac C Hiring for a civic tech job? let us know @ hello@codeforboston.org and we'll put it up there ^
Matt C First time here?
Isaac C Read through our Code of Conduct: http://www.codeforboston.org/code-of-conduct/ 
Kristen W
  • Upcoming Events & Updates
Lyre C Add your event to the Civic Innovation Ecosystem Calendar: cal.codeforboston.org
Carl S Boston Public Schools Transportation Challenge 
Will Eger at Boston Public Schools wants people at Code for Boston to know that the challenge timeline has been extended for the second part of the challenge — the Bell Times Challenge — by about a month. Plenty of details on the challenge web site:
Hacking for Good Hackathon
Saturday, June 17, 2017 8am–8pm at Harvard Innovation Labs
Early bird registration deadline: May 12
Google looks like a sponsor, with Google Cloud and Firebase people on hand
Lyre C
  • Project Check-In
Isaac C "What issue(s) are you tackling tonight?"
Project Hope & "cliff effects"
We'll be continuing to look at policy and turning that into financial models. Also, going over some findings from recent user research @ Project Hope w/ Case managers
  • Personas
Ethical (i.e LEGAL) Housing Listings
Harlan W Continuing our project planning and investigation of using data to identify discriminatory housing postings in online real estate listings
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Javascript
Harlan W Cambridge Open Data Challenges
Public data sets with problem statements from the City of Cambridge
Josh W Kent Johnson's answer to one of the problem statements (this was demo'd at the 2017 Bloomberg What Works Cities conference):
Megan O Local First: Helping Communities to Thrive
Brainstorming around what tech can do to help local businesses, such as a single purpose content management system that will allow local first organizations to have a professional looking web site and manage the content.  It will facilitate the kind of content that will be an incentive for community members to keep coming back to the site — and shopping April 18 2017 hacknightslocally.
Dazza G Tools and Rules for Blockchain-Backed Individual Identity
  • In the Prome Conference Room, 4th Floor CIC.
  • Tonight is the third of five Legal Hack Nights dedicated to building out a reference implementation blockchain-backed individual identity digital signature app.  The app is intended to be a working prototype we can use to evaluate and work with individual identity innovation and to better understand how legal, technical and other requirements can be addressed in an integrated manner.  
  • Massachusetts Legal Hackers is grateful to hack along with Code for Boston during this special 5-part series! YOU ARE WELCOME
Isaac C Have a project idea?
Matthew R All other projects can be found on our GitHub
54 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Harlan Weber 54 days ago
Harlan W Anyone go to Space Apps or Hacking Discrimination this past weekend?
Boston Public Schools Transportation Challenge: Round 1 over
Will Eger at Boston Public Schools wants people at Code for Boston to know that the challenge timeline has been extended for the second part of the challenge — the Bell Times Challenge — by about a month. Plenty of details on the challenge web site:
Harvard Ash Center IGNITE talks, May 8, 4-6pm, Harvard Sq
Join us for a series of high-energy, fast-paced Ignite talks featuring the Ash Center’s Technology and Democracy Fellows, HKS students and staff, and Gordon McKay Professor of the Practice of Computer Science Jim Waldo. Academic Dean Archon Fung will introduce the evening and Director of Digital HKS and Lecturer in Public Policy David Eaves will emcee. 
61 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Harlan Weber 61 days ago
Isaac C March for Science! April 22
This Rally for Science celebrates the discovery, understanding, and sharing of scientific knowledge as crucial to the success, health, and safety of the human race. We join together to champion not only science itself, but also publicly funded and publicly communicated scientific knowledge as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse and nonpartisan group to celebrate Boston as a space for scientists and scientific research and to support of five main goals: Communication, Funding, Policy, Literacy, and Improvement.

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