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Edwin Chalumeau

896 days ago
  • Robin - robin.jun.ho.oh@gmail.com
  • Justin Kates katesj@nashuanh.gov or kb3juv@gmail.com @kb3juv
  • Carlota carlmellow@gmail.com 
  • Thao Nguyen phuongthao.nguyen1993@gmail.com
Edwin C
  • Edwin Chalumeau edwinchalumeau@outlook.com
Preston R
  • Preston Rhea preston@codeforamerica.org
  • Caitlin caitlinkuhlman@gmail.com
Robin O Team Assignments
1. Template - (Lead: Caitlin, Edwin)
2. Data -employment rate (Lead: Carlota. Thao, Simon)
3. Grade (Lead: Justin)
  • What is the goal?
  • What is the actual?
4. Community Groups (Lead: Justin) 
5. Engagement (Lead: Robin) 
6. Program Management (Lead: Robin) 
Next Steps
1. Template - (Lead: Caitlin, Edwin)
  • Set up an node.js envionment (Caitlin) 
  • Leverage Lexington dashboard to set up a template (Edwin)
2. Data -employment rate (Lead: Carlota. Thao, Simon)
  • Visualize census block data using d3  (Thao)
  • Clean up block group data for Thao (Carlota)
  • Create the script to port data
  • Go through the app data website and figure out which information would be best, how to augment that information (Preston)
3. Grade (Lead: Justin)
  • find best practices for grading community goals
  • Develop the framework to show how the site would look for the grading 
4. Community Groups (Lead: Justin) 
Justin K
  • put together items that should be included in this section
Robin O 5. Engagement (Lead: Robin) 
  • brainstorm what materials are best suited for engagement materials
  • Develop a mock up of an engagement page
6. Program Management (Lead: Robin) 
How might we provide a way for “community stewards”/activists to visualize and track the impact of their efforts in their neighborhood over time (in areas of health, housing, education, employment, safety, civic engagement, and/or quality of life)? 
William S How might this solution encourage new community stewards to discover actionable ways to keep making their community better?
Links for the team (Research, resources, etc.)
William S Community Commons  (examples of community-level data maps)
Data  on Freddie Gray's neighborhood  (Sandtown/Winchester; several census tracts) in Baltimore
Justice mapping center  (by neighborhood, related to incarceration rates, etc.)
Mapping Boston neighborhoods  (Harvard econometrics project)
Census fact finder  (see zip for 02124)
Community indicators projects  (list and links, from all over U.S.)
William S For prototype -- youth data from the targeted neighborhood
Data on youth outcomes  - based on resident surveys (150 of 350 youth) in TNT and adjoining streets (west of Washington in 1005 CT
Preston R
  • other datasets:
William S Good points re: "reasons youth can't find jobs" in the Stingray group, at bottom of hackpad page: Team Stingray
Reference points  for idea generation
How New York micro-neighborhoods report on "state of the neighborhood"
Brief background article on Nextdoor  (social networking app for neighborhoods)
Neighborland  -- site that helps neighbors connect on projects and gather input to inform city planning, etc.
"Community mapping" project in Louisville  (associated with National Day of Hacking event there)
Boston Redevelopment Authority -- what BRA displays re: neighborhoods 
Somerville Wellbeing report (see survey pp. 21-29) (cover article )
Toolbox for linking local and national public data: http://uscensusbureau.github.io/citysdk/
Youth-related coalition in Codman Square/TNT (see Raye Brooks at Project Cod): http://www.youthhubboston.org/
Background on civic stewardship approach  (see especially pages 4-8)
297 days ago
The Big Idea: What "truth" do we want from journalism? How will media and journalism be defined going forward? Who *should* pay and who is willing to pay for what is arguably a public service? 
When: Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 5:30 PM
Helping to contribute to Drupal core, for the third year in a row the Boston Drupal Group will be participating in the Drupal Global Sprint Weekend. Join us for two days (9am - 6pm each day) as we collaborate with the global Drupal community and work on core Drupal issues. 
Where: 1 Rogers Street, Cambridge, MA 
When: 1/28 - 1/29 6-9PM
Harlan W National Advisory Council & Brigade Action Teams
The National Advisory Council has been working on a direction for the Brigade program. We need your input, and your help! Read more on Medium: https://medium.com/code-for-america/national-advisory-council-join-us-6641049e5094#.ftfqn7yqn
We'll be looking at policy and turning that into financial models!
  • Math!
  • Reading!
Allows secretaries/teachers to check if their students should get an excused access if the MBTA is delayed. Currently the system is that there are no excused absences. We are launching the app with BPS transportation. 
Harlan W Cambridge Open Data
(Currently you need permission to access, even without the /edit qualifier.)
Allows tenants of the city of Somerville, MA to view what capital projects. Looking for a front end developer. 
409 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Harlan Weber , Edwin Chalumeau 409 days ago
Add your event to the Civic Innovation Ecosystem Calendar (and subscribe): cal.codeforboston.org
Harlan W Generation Citizen Civic Tech Challenge:
Sat, Nov 5th, 9am-6pm, @ NERD
As  part of the Generation Citizen action civics program, students Greater  Boston middle and high schools will launch action projects to advocate  for change on our community's most significant problems. By November 5th,  GC students will have identified a significant community issue and be  just about ready to reach out to local decision-makers and constituents  to advocate for change on their issue
Center for Civic Design Survey
The Center for Civic Design, a research and design nonprofit, is trying to understand how people get information about elections.
Code for Boston represented on National Advisory Council
Thank all of you for your support!
City of Cambridge Open Data Collaborations Report
From Josh Wolff: Hey Everyone! We just released our new white paper on Open Data Collaborations.  HKS student Jennifer Angarita led this joint study between the City of Cambridge and Harvard's Ash Center, and many of you helped provide insights. If you have comments or ideas for next steps, please feel free to post them using the "Discuss" button next to the report, or send them to me directly at jwolff@cambridgema.gov or opendata@cambridgema.gov. Thanks!
  • Back this week!
  • Lets residents know about proposed zoning changes
Edwin C
  • We are looking for another UX/UI designer.
661 days ago
Matt C Recruiting teachers for workshops! Talk to Noah Teshu if you're interested.
Still accepting volunteers for ODSC East, May 20-22 - but you must email them by THIS FRIDAY! Please download our volunteer guidelines, and if you're interested, please email us at volunteers@odsc.com.
ACLU Stop-and-frisk dataset released
MAPC is hiring a Civic Web Developer
  • Talk to Dan or Edwin or Brian or
  • Lets residents know about proposed zoning changes
  • Look at issues
  • Needs: Python, PostGIS, JavaScript, and user/usability testing!
EnerSave - Cambridge Energy Challenge
Like Mint for your energy bill / saving the world from global warming / help Cambridge win a few million dollars
  • Help residents reduce energy usage - big prizes for Cambridge!
  • Ruby on Rails, HTML, Javascript, Postgres
  • Needs: Front-end JavaScripty things Designers, UI/UX, Conceptual ideas, and Rubyists
  • Built in Javascript, Parse, Android
  • Working on: MBTA live data, Geolocation
  • Needs: Javascript (Meteor), geo, front-end
Matt C Youth Jobs: Codename Hydro
  • Match local youth to meaningful employment
  • Stack TBD: Rubyists, Pythonistas, R'ers, and all data analysts welcome
  • Connect snow shovelers to people who need snow shoveled
  • All JavaScript, all the time: Ionic, Angular, Mongo
  • Talk to Chris D
Raphael D Bikeways 4 Everybody:
  • Crowdsourcing routes & locations where bike infrastructure can be improved
  • Javascript, Leaflet.Draw, & CartoDB (PostGIS) 
  • runs entirely on Github Pages!
  • Needs: styling tooltips, making things more usable, a Mac :computer:  to run gifgrabber 
1001 days ago
  • Civic Tech: @CodeForAmerica, @ResilientCoders, @MSNewEngland, @Socrata, @MediaLab
Ethan B
  • People: @rikohi (Mariko Davidson), @WheresHJ (Harlan Weber), @DavidShrier (David Shrier), @EBagsLOLZ (Ethan Bagley), @_beechnut (Matt Cloyd), @billocio (Bill Oates)
  • WiFi: MIT Guest (no password)
  • Light breakfast and coffee
Harlan W
  • I'm interested:
  • Your name here
  • I'm interested:
Marc B
  • Brielle Plump Health Focus Area + mRelief Challenge
Harlan W
  • I'm interested:
Megan O
  • Megan Ouellette
Annie T
  • Annie Tuan
Harlan W
  • I'm interested:
  • Your name here
  • Participant pitches:
  • Build a platform based on the  "redeployable" app Adopta, an app to allow citizens to adopt civic  infrastructure. We want to focus on ease of redeployability in order to reach as many areas as possible. We also want to investigate new incentive structures and see how we can improve citizen engagement. 
  • I'm interested:
  • Mike Hamel
  • The Problem: People at large have no power to create real transformative change because the Internet and the current tools we have aren't built for meaningful sharing of factual information; making it very difficult to achieve scale. For every piece of factual information, there is a 100 pieces of counter-information.  All the tools we have: blogs, Wikipedia, Quora, comment sections, forums, etc...are all unstructured vehicles to share information. And so today, we have news articles with 5000+ comments and no one at the end of the conversation is any wiser, and the same debates get hashed over and over again on each news article, Youtube video, blog, etc. People live in their own bubbles of belief 'because I did my research on the Internet' and no one is connected to a central, ubiquitous, and unbiased civic resource. We desperately need a trusted, interconnected civic information network where everyone is able to interact with and meaningfully dispute false information once and for all. Only then, will the decisions we make to solve problems be based in objective reality and fact. Everyone is trying to find the experts for the answers.  Well, in a networked world, you don't find the experts - the experts find you.
  • The Solution: Build a platform that empowers the public towards greater impact in civic engagement. Empower people to create and consume accurate, evidence-based information on issues affecting their communities. Establish the means for greater impact by collectively validating and interacting with crowd sourced and interconnected knowledge. No disinformation. No distortion. No manipulation. This establishes powerful access and transparency to local, state, and federal information; shaping public opinion, incentivizing active citizen duty of engagement, and ultimately arming people fighting for change with a structured open civic information network where truly unbiased information lives. The goal is two-fold 1) to be the hub where all civic action begins and all political and social decisions are based - on indisputable facts - and 2) continually evolve and improve the process flow of information; creating a more efficient, accurate, and valid establishment of the term crowd intelligence. Time to get real. Real Social. BONUS: User Stories are already written and accessible on Kanbanery.com, talk to Adam for access.
  • I'm interested:
  • Christian Jacqz (Citizen of Boston)
  • Use parcel map web service to build a "brownfields" inventory app
Lyre C
  • If you're interested in economic development, this project is for you!
  • I'm interested:
Maria G
  • Dan Moore (City of Somerville)
  • "Track your request to the city like you track a Domino's pizza order"
  • "78,000 Somerville residents, 9 of us"
  • I'm interested:
Peter T
  • Peter Thornton
Edwin C
  • Edwin Chalumeau
Adam H
  • Adam Hinz
Christopher W
  • Chris Wand
Brian S
  • Brian Sanders
Jason W
  • Jason Walsh
Phillip C
  • Phillip Cheetham (City of Boston)
Marquis C
  • Marquis Cabrera
Marco M
  • Marco Moreira (@phmarco)
Tarik M
  • Tarik Moon
Ethan B
  • Chris Dutton (City of Somerville)
  • "Heads Up" is a mobile/web-based  navigational tool designed to promote safe travel by routing cyclists around particularly hazardous areas
  • I'm interested:
Peter T
  • Peter Thornton
Annie T
  • Annie Tuan
Ethan B
  • Andrew Seeder (Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative)
Andrew S
  • Am sitting at the table close to the screens, also by ping pong table. Wearing black fleece.
Lyre C
  • Brainstorming ideas such as:
Ethan B
  • A wireless mesh network
Lyre C
  • Uber-like service for tool sharing
Andrew S
  • Easy survey mapping
  • Equity in tech infrastructure
Harlan W
  • I'm interested:
Josua B
  • Josua Batubara
Eve L
  • Eve Li
Maria G
  • Steve Strassmann (MassIT)
  • How might we dig out and make parking spaces in a way that doesn't cause so much conflict 
  • I'm interested
Phillip C
  • Phillip Cheetham (City of Boston)
Robert L
  • Rob Lundberg
Kendra A
  • Kendra Amaral(Town of Wilmington)
  • I am interested in a way to bring together relevant data to address problem properties.
Maria G
  • I'm interested
Eve L
  • Eve Li

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