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Cristen Jones

395 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cristen Jones 395 days ago
  • Incoming request from City of Cambridge to add early voting hours to VoteCambridge.com
Cristen J
  • This is the final grind... voting starts soon, after all.
  • BTW remember to vote!
  • Needs: Javascript! Mostly of the simple jQuery variety.
423 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Harlan Weber , Cristen Jones 423 days ago
  • Upcoming Events & Updates
Add your event to the Civic Innovation Ecosystem Calendar (and subscribe): cal.codeforboston.org
Harlan W Pour one out for the Sunlight Foundation
Vote for us for the Brigade National Advisory Council!
Noah's Birthday!
  • Needs: ux/design, javascript
1340 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Lyre Calliope , Cristen Jones 1340 days ago
Cristen J Cristen Jones - Hey I'm sort of new here. I'm an urban planner by training but amateur web designer/developer in practice. Find me at http://www.twitter.com/thecristen
  • I'm super excited about all the other projects going on and wish I weren't so busy at the moment :(
  • A map that helps you figure out if you're about to get towed
1267 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kristen Weber , Cristen Jones 1267 days ago
  • 9:00am: Reconvene
Harlan W
  • 9:30am: Orientation session for those who missed Saturday
  • 9:45am: Socrata API session
  • 10:00am: Hacking
  • 12:30pm Lunch
  • mapbox, cartoDB  Leaflet!
1214 days ago
Notes for next meeting: 29 July 2014 hacknights
Lyre C
  • Upcoming Events
Harlan W If you are going to get seltzer, do it now! - Thanks
Aug 9 - Boston Permitting Challenge Kickoff: http://hubhacks.challengepost.com/
Ethan B 9/19 - Corrupting influence of money in politics - Prof. Martin Gilens,   Political Scientist at Princeton who recently wrote the viral article,   "Testing Theories of American Politics,” has signed on, along with Lawrence Lessig, to speak at the MIT Kresge Main Auditorium. FREE!
Matt C Add your event to the Civic Innovation Ecosystem Calendar (and subscribe):
Lyre C
  • General Announcements
Matt C New Urban Mechanics are here!
Harlan W Friends from City of Boston are here!
Press is here!
Harlan met the governor today
David Lago and Chris Buck won an award for the Mass EduData Challenge
Monthly special events?
Harlan will be speaking at Collins Center StatNet Conference
Matt C We hit 1000 (Meetup) members! (But can still only host 40.)
Lyre C
  • Attendee check-in
Name,  contact info, urls (social media, projects, etc), What are you  interested in working on tonight? What are you interested in learning  about? In tweet length, what else would you like to share?
New Members!
Lyre C Established Members
Lyre Calliope - I'm Code for Boston's Community Team Lead, and a Mozilla Rep. Ask me anything!
  • Urban Planner/Wannabe Hacker
Lyre C
  • Project check-in
  • people who like events
  • people who go to events
  • people who like but don't go to events
  • we need a better name!
Matt G
  • Curating Flickr photos
  • Implementing UI elements
  • Need: HTML/CSS/UI Design, moral support
  • Further work on improved search
Lyre C
  • Front-end javascript work
Lyre C
  • Twitter bot for adopting animals
  • marketing/social media
  • Ruby work (good starting experience if you want to learn)
Lyre C
  • Strategy talk on collaborating across cities.
Sarah L
  • robot army is now:
  • @CutiesInNorfolk
Harlan W Needs:
  • Backbone router work
Lyre C
  • Needs foursquare api work in javascript
  • Needs:
  • UI work
  • API integration work
  • NodeJS, CSS
  • Talk to Nan Meng
Liam M Code for America API
Matt C
  • Python (Flask framework)
Matt C Project Request: Open the CIC Door (Hardware Hack)
Lyre C
  • Chatter
Lyre C
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1221 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cristen Jones 1221 days ago
Events we'd like to potentially start having on a cadence:
Cristen J
  • I love all of these ideas :D
  • Example: Pick some crappy municipal websites, build and share new versions
  • We should have at least these Challenge Nights in rooms that have whiteboards or other space that makes it easier for people to talk/collaborate on design!

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