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Josh Wolff

227 days ago
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#DemocracyHack / A hackathon for fairness, equality & openness: April 21-22, MIT
THE HACK / MIT GOV/LAB is organizing *We the People, Hack for Democracy* to demonstrate MIT’s deep commitment to core American (and human) values of fairness, equality, and openness. In this two day hackathon, creative and compassionate students from across MIT and the Boston area will come together to tackle the immediate challenges U.S. organizations are now facing to safeguard these values. 
Isaac C March for Science! April 22
This Rally for Science celebrates the discovery, understanding, and sharing of scientific knowledge as crucial to the success, health, and safety of the human race. We join together to champion not only science itself, but also publicly funded and publicly communicated scientific knowledge as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse and nonpartisan group to celebrate Boston as a space for scientists and scientific research and to support of five main goals: Communication, Funding, Policy, Literacy, and Improvement.
Cambridge Open Data Challenges: Looking for an owner
Public data sets with problem statements from the City of Cambridge
Josh W Kent Johnson's answer to one of the problem statements (this was demo'd at the 2017 Bloomberg What Works Cities conference):
283 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kristen Weber , Harlan Weber , Josh Wolff 283 days ago
Kristen W February 7, 2017 #hacknights
Harlan W Quick info:
Lyre C Notes from previous meeting: January 31, 2016 hacknights
Matt C Looking for a civic tech job? http://codeforboston.org/jobs/
Isaac C Hiring for a civic tech job? let us know @ hello@codeforboston.org and we'll put it up there ^
Matt C First time here?
Isaac C Read through our Code of Conduct: http://www.codeforboston.org/code-of-conduct/ 
Kristen W
  • Upcoming Events & Updates
Lyre C Add your event to the Civic Innovation Ecosystem Calendar: cal.codeforboston.org
Broadband has become an assumed service, and yet in some parts of the state – and even the city – high-speed internet access is limited, unavailable, or unaffordable. Broadband access is necessary to help our students learn, to build small businesses and to enable residents to engage as citizens. As we type, click, and swipe, it is easy to forget about the underlying infrastructure that supports our online activities. This critical infrastructure is complex and in order to provide equitable access Show more…
Where: 2300 Washington Street 2nd Floor , Boston, MA 02119
When: Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 5:30 PM
Harlan W National Advisory Council & Brigade Action Teams
The National Advisory Council has been working on a direction for the Brigade program. We need your input, and your help! Read more on Medium: https://medium.com/code-for-america/national-advisory-council-join-us-6641049e5094#.ftfqn7yqn
Lyre C
  • Project Check-In
Isaac C "What issue(s) are you tackling tonight?"
Project Hope & "cliff effects"
We'll be looking at policy and turning that into financial models!
  • Math!
  • Reading!
  • Fun!
Ethical (i.e LEGAL) Housing Listings
Harlan W Continuing our project planning and investigation of using data to identify discriminatory housing postings in online real estate listings
Allows secretaries/teachers to check if their students should get an excused access if the MBTA is delayed. Currently the system is that there are no excused absences. We are launching the app with BPS transportation. 
Harlan W Cambridge Open Data
Josh W The City of Cambridge just published a "Civic Innovation Challenge Inventory." We're now asking city staff to suggest use cases for new datasets added to our open data portal. Our goal here is to help jump start civic hacking by indicating what we think are some of the most productive use cases for certain datasets. I'd love your feedback on whether this seems like a good tool and how we might improve it. 
Here is the innovation inventory: 
And here is an earlier iteration. 
Megan O Immigrant Information and Advocacy
Tonight, we will be working on a focused, rapid-deploy solution to an urgent call to action from local immigration attorneys and immigrant rights groups: 
How might we get information to families (abroad) about the temporary restraining order in Boston? 
  • Phone number families can call for a detailed recording
  • A website to which they can be referred to print a copy of the order
What we think need: 
  • Speakers of Arabic, Farsi, Somali, and/or other languages spoken in countries affected by the executive order
  • Building and deploying a server to interact with Twilio 
Isaac C Have a project idea?
Matthew R All other projects can be found on our GitHub
514 days ago
Add your event to the Civic Innovation Ecosystem Calendar (and subscribe): cal.codeforboston.org
Mohamed H AngelHack Hackathon in Cambridge - this weekend:
Josh W Cambridge Civic Tech Survey: http://tiny.cc/citydata. Help Cambridge make its Open Data Program even better by taking this 5 minute survey. We want to hear your ideas about how the City can work more collaboratively with you as you analyze, hack, and innovate using Cambridge open data.
  • JavaScript! (AngularJS, Ionic / Cordova, Node.js, Leaflet)
  • PostgreSQL / PostGIS.
Andrew L
  • Need art or something close to it! Storefront icons, etc.
  • Testing!
Kristofer M PartyStarter 
Making sure every citizen casts their vote for a party they believe in.
We're building a platform that incentivizes voter turnout. Initially focused on improving access to democratizing donations to political campaigns.
  • Finishing off design sprint - WTF is a design sprint? Come find out...
In need of:
  • Dev's - Javascript, Ruby
  • People with knowledge of electoral legislation
  • With Somerville Public Schools 
  • What shipped since last week:
  • Second school shipped end-end-end!  More user research with 2nd school principal
  • Removed old profile page altogether
  • We could take help from 2 new people tonight, come talk to Kevin or any of us!
Allows secretaries/teachers to check if their students should get an excused  access if the MBTA is delayed. Currently the system is that there are no  excused absences. We are launching the app with BPS transportation. 
Mohamed H Hubway-alerts
An electron app for your favorite Hubway stations:

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