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Unfiled. Edited by Harlan Weber , Liam Morley , thadk 297 days ago
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Harlan W Redesigning Mass.gov: Mar 1,  District Hall 
AIGA Boston is partnering with MassIT, the state agency responsible for Mass.gov, to offer the rare opportunity to witness and participate in a public design critique for this important state project. The website hosts services from tax forms to unemployment applications, and as the ultimate customers of such you are a key part of the conversation.
Liam M Code for Democracy: Feb 23, Pivotal Labs
Code for Democracy Boston is having their first meetup to center around 2 goals: brainstorming ways that we can work together to make a difference, and forming groups around projects of merit. You should attend if the recent political climate has created in you a desire to "do something" and if you feel that a good way for you to do something will involve leveraging technology.
thadk IDHack: April 7, and end at 7:00pm on April 8th, Near Davis T stop
Organized by Harvard Developers for Development, MIT International Development House and Tufts University, the 5th annual International Development Hackathon will bring together hackers, makers, technology enthusiasts, and countless organizations to create
real and profound impact with technology.
1249 days ago
15 July 2014 #hacknights
Notes from previous meeting: 8 July 2014 
Notes for next meeting: 22 July 2014
  • Upcoming Events
Harlan W Aug 9 - Boston Permitting Challenge Kickoff: http://hubhacks.challengepost.com/
Ethan B 9/19 - Corrupting influence of money in politics - Prof. Martin Gilens,  Political Scientist at Princeton who recently wrote the viral article,  "Testing Theories of American Politics,” has signed on, along with Lawrence Lessig, to speak at the MIT Kresge Main Auditorium. FREE!
Sarah L Mass Data Challenges
Matt C Add your event to the Civic Innovation Ecosystem Calendar (and subscribe):
Lyre C
  • General Announcements
Harlan W Friends from City of Boston are here!
Are the interns?
David Lago is up for an award for the Mass EduData Challenge
Next week: BBJ will be here
Cuties in Norfolk (we are objectively cuter)
Allergy map?
Changes are coming to hack night format
Lyre C
  • Attendee check-in
Name, contact info, urls (social media, projects, etc), What are you interested in working on tonight? What are you interested in learning about? In tweet length, what else would you like to share?
New Members!
Lyre C Established Members
Lyre Calliope - I'm Code for Boston's Community Team Lead, and a Mozilla Rep. Ask me anything!
Matthew R Cristen Jones - twitter.com/thecristen. I'll be skulking in the back.
  • Urban Planner
  • Wannabe hacker
Lyre C
  • Project check-in
Matt G
  • Curating Flickr photos
  • Implementing UI elements
  • Need: HTML/CSS/UI Design
  • further work on improved search
Lyre C
  • Front-end javascript work
Lyre C
  • Twitter bot for adopting animals
  • marketing/social media
  • Ruby work (good starting experience if you want to learn)
Lyre C
  • Strategy talk on collaborating across cities.
Sarah L
  • robot army is now:
  • @CutiesInNorfolk
Harlan W Needs:
  • New project lead or bust
Lyre C
  • Ruby Rails project
Harlan W Needs:
  • Backbone router work
  • Data issues
Lyre C
  • Needs foursquare api work in javascript
  • Talk to Matt Rouser (Hey y'all, sick again, catch you next week --Thad)
Lyre C Top Secret Ecologically-Themed (Rather) Awesome Project by Alex Shopov
Harlan W Needs:
  • Working with really large datasets
  • Needs:
  • UI work
  • API integration work
  • NodeJS, CSS
  • Talk to Nan Meng
Liam M Code for America API
1263 days ago
Sarah L Mass Data Challenges
  • General Announcements
Harlan W Note to self: Invade Belgium
Job in Cambridge - Web developer
Decisions about hackspace
Changes to the Brigade program
  • Attendee check-in
Name, contact info, urls (social media, projects, etc), What are you   interested in working on tonight? What are you interested in learning   about? In tweet length, what else would you like to share?
Liam M Liam Morley - I'm Code for Boston's Delivery Team Lead, and I like to develop things. Say hi!
Lyre C Cuties
  • Twitter bot for adopting cute animals!
Harlan W
  • Cuties forked in Miami
Lyre C
  • Needs: Publicity!
  • Renamed 'Homeful'!
  • Crowdfunding for getting homeless peeps into housing
  • Needs: 
  • Rails work
  • People work: reaching out to housing agencies, etc
Bruce G
  • Handlebars templating
  • Curating loads of photos
  • scoping out an MVP
  • Talk to ... Bruce, Matt, and Nan
James D it's purrfect
Lyre C Corruption in Politics website
  • Needs, brainstorming, design, all the things!
  • Exploring gentrification data
  • Easy mapping platform
  • Needs: front-end javascript work

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