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1263 days ago
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Loreto A No single program or intervention will "fix" our education system. We need a fundamental shift in how we approach public education so that it serves all our children. What is the purpose of public education? People often answer to prepare students to become productive members of society. What does this mean? What are we doing in public education to provide children with all the support and resources they need to grow into happy, healthy adults that contribute to society in positive ways? 
Often when we describe an ideal school setting, it looks far different than how a typical school currently functions. Children need to be physically and mentally healthy: this includes nutritious food and exercise and adequate and responsive mental health care. Children love to learn: our curricula need to inspire them and feed their curiosity. When teachers, families and communities work together, children flourish: our schools need to be resources within the community and be responsive to its needs.
What kind of data might help inform and shape the type of schools we want for our children? We need more than test scores.
  1. Student well-being
  1. health indicators
  1. food provided by school
  1. diagnosed "disorders"
  1. classroom size
  1. grouping data: age, diversity etc
  1. student feedback: happiness, perception of their own education
  1. recess/access to outdoors
  1. Teacher well-being
  1. years teachers remain in classroom
  1. hours worked outside of school
  1. job satisfaction / happiness indicators
school nurses, clinics
Counselors: ratio, workload
School facilities
after-school programming
detentions, suspensions, policing children/security

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