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We'll be looking at policy and turning that into financial models.
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Josh W The City of Cambridge just published a "Civic Innovation Challenge Inventory." We're now asking city staff to suggest use cases for new datasets added to our open data portal. Our goal here is to help jump start civic hacking by indicating what we think are some of the most productive use cases for certain datasets. I'd love your feedback on whether this seems like a good tool and how we might improve it. 
Here is the innovation inventory: 
And here is an earlier iteration. 
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The Big Idea: What "truth" do we want from journalism? How will media and journalism be defined going forward? Who *should* pay and who is willing to pay for what is arguably a public service? 
When: Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 5:30 PM
Helping to contribute to Drupal core, for the third year in a row the Boston Drupal Group will be participating in the Drupal Global Sprint Weekend. Join us for two days (9am - 6pm each day) as we collaborate with the global Drupal community and work on core Drupal issues. 
Where: 1 Rogers Street, Cambridge, MA 
When: 1/28 - 1/29 6-9PM
Harlan W National Advisory Council & Brigade Action Teams
The National Advisory Council has been working on a direction for the Brigade program. We need your input, and your help! Read more on Medium: https://medium.com/code-for-america/national-advisory-council-join-us-6641049e5094#.ftfqn7yqn
We'll be looking at policy and turning that into financial models!
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Allows secretaries/teachers to check if their students should get an excused access if the MBTA is delayed. Currently the system is that there are no excused absences. We are launching the app with BPS transportation. 
Harlan W Cambridge Open Data
(Currently you need permission to access, even without the /edit qualifier.)
Allows tenants of the city of Somerville, MA to view what capital projects. Looking for a front end developer. 
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  • Q: Can we reach out to Craigslist to provide their flagged listings? Examples of abuse/discrimination? (Craigslist has RSS feeds for selected areas. The easiest thing for them is to say "ya, sure, scrape", the easiest for us is an RSS feed.)
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Harlan W Continuing our project planning and investigation of using data to identify discriminatory housing postings in online real estate listings
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We'll be working on interview questions for upcoming user interviews!
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