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2 days ago
2 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Harlan Weber 2 days ago
Harlan W Thu, Sept. 1: Meet Jascha and Lauren @ Bill's Bar in Fenway
"We're going to make your power bill great again." (It was already great)
  • People with knowledge of electoral law
  • Remotely the coded UI Toolkit (based on the style guide) has been pushed to the UI-Toolkit branch
Allows  secretaries/teachers to check if their students should get an excused   access if the MBTA is delayed. Currently the system is that there are  no  excused absences. We are launching the app with BPS transportation. 
Harlan W New (Old) Project: Vote Cambridge 2.0
  • Incoming request from City of Cambridge to add early voting hours to VoteCambridge.com
  • Also a request to help do wait time tracking (let's discuss!)
All other projects can be found on our GitHub
5 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kim James-Sungjin 5 days ago
Kim J Transformed my web to a cloud server
Now I am using my pc in the colleage but I want to port it to a could server. 
9 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kristen Weber , Harlan Weber 9 days ago
I just emailed NHK. They are sending a DVD. 
  • We have a partner! Thanks Tylor
30 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Isaac Chansky , Harlan Weber 30 days ago
Kristen W July 26, 2016 #hacknights
Essential Info:
Matt C These notes: codeforboston.hackpad.com 
Lyre C Notes from previous meeting: July 19, 2016 hacknights
Matt C Less-Essential Info:
Looking for a civic tech job? http://codeforboston.org/jobs/
Isaac C Hiring for a civic tech job? let us know @ hello@codeforboston.org and we'll put it up there ^
Harlan W 2015 Strategic Plan. Please take a look and comment: http://bit.ly/1BzldH0
Matt C First time here?
Take a moment to read our Code of Conduct.
Matthew R Join the public Slack chat: public.codeforboston.org 
Kristen W
  • Upcoming Events
Lyre C Add your event to the Civic Innovation Ecosystem Calendar (and subscribe): cal.codeforboston.org
Kristen W General Civic Tech Announcements
(I tried to paste a picture but it didn't work on mobile -H)
The Boston Data Portal is composed to two parts: the Data Library, which, like a open data portal, is oriented  towards data scientists and others who want access to raw data that  they will then analyze, visualize, and explore on their own; and  BostonMap, an easy-to-use mapping platform where visitors can explore  the neighborhoods of Boston from their computer, including  visualizations of data from various sources as well as access to other  tools, like Google Street View.
The Civic Tech Fellows supplement Microsoft’s engagement with  community groups, the tech sector, and government officials in the  greater Boston area to facilitate connections between Microsoft  technology and civic society. Microsoft’s Boston-based Technology &  Civic Engagement team, located in Kendall Square in Cambridge, will hire one full-time (40 hour/week) Fellow for Summer 2016, and up to three part-time (10 hour/week) Fellows for the academic year starting in Fall  2016. 
Lyre C
  • Project Check-In
Harlan W EnerSave - Cambridge Energy Challenge
Kristen W "We're going to make your power bill great again."
Harlan W
  • Help residents reduce energy usage - big prizes for Cambridge!
Matt C
  • Ruby on Rails, HTML, Javascript, Postgres
Harlan W
  • Needs: Design help, logo?, front-end JavaScripty things Designers, UI/UX, Conceptual ideas, and Rubyists
  • Talk to Matt Z. in person or on Slack
Kristofer M PartyStarter 
Kickstarter for political campaigns
We're building a platform that makes it easier for citizens to see the various ways they can contribute to political campaigns and what they get in return. 
  • Developing personas and conducting interviews.
In need of:
  • Dev's - Javascript, Ruby, Python
  • People with knowledge of electoral law
Andrew L A mobile/web navigation app to make routing in cities more predictable - robust to acute weather incidents, disasters, and everyday obstructions for pedestrians with lower mobility.
  • JavaScript! (AngularJS, Ionic / Cordova, Node.js, Leaflet)
  • PostgreSQL / PostGIS.
  • Need art or something close to it! Storefront icons, etc.
  • Come write our test suites! Please!
  • New? Check out the ByPath FAQ and Wiki Page! Talk to Andrew and Alex.
Isaac C
  • Raphael Dumas  has gone on to do awesome things elsewhere! :crying_cat_face:  
Raphael D
  • Crowdsourcing routes & locations where bike infrastructure should be improved
  • Javascript, Leaflet.Draw, & CartoDB (PostgreSQL/PostGIS backend) 
  • runs entirely on Github Pages & CartoDB!
  • Needs: 
  • Mobile UX
  • Migration to Leaflet 1.0
  • Make a message appear when input is saved
  • With Somerville Public Schools 
  • What shipped since last week:
  • Second school shipped end-end-end!  More user research with 2nd school principal
  • Removed old profile page altogether
  • We could take help from 2 new people tonight, come talk to Kevin or any of us!
C. L
  • Remotely the coded UI Toolkit (based on the style guide) has been pushed to the UI-Toolkit branch
Matthew R All other projects can be found on our GitHub
Isaac C IF Challenge to end Family Homelessness
  • Working on getting a partner organization to help us formulate an idea pitch for this challenge
Megan O
  • Think Tank / Brainshower
  • For Natonal Day of Civic Hacking 2016, Code for America worked with government partners to get us some great challenges about real issues that need addressing. Let's talk about them! 
37 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by C. Todd Lombardo 37 days ago
  • We could take help from 2 new people tonight, come talk to Kevin or any of us!
C. L
  • Remotely the coded UI Toolkit (based on the style guide) has been pushed to the UI-Toolkit branch
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