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2 days ago
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Carl S Boston Public Schools Transportation Challenge 
Will Eger at Boston Public Schools wants people at Code for Boston to know that the challenge timeline has been extended for the second part of the challenge — the Bell Times Challenge — by about a month. Plenty of details on the challenge web site:
Harlan W Space Apps Challenge, April 29-30, CIC Cambridge
The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass  collaborative hackathon focused on space exploration that takes place  over 48-hours in cities around the world. The event embraces  collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant  open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on  Earth and life in space. NASA is leading this global collaboration  along with a number of additional government collaborators and 100+  local partner organizations.
Hacking Discrimination, April 28-29, MIT
This hackathon is intended to provide a mechanism for meaningful dialog, learning, networking and solution development.  Our hope is that prototypes will be developed and commercialized to have far reaching, positive impact.
MuckRock FOIA Slack Chats, Several Dates, On the Internet
Learn public records from the pros with guests from RCFP, BuzzFeed, and The Civil Rights Cold Case Project
 MuckRock’s FOIA Slack has grown to over 3,000 registered members, and  we’re kicking off a new round of Slack FOIA Chats. They will cover  everything from cold case murder investigations to how FOIA can open up  the Trump administration.
Aaron Snow will be here next week!
Co-founder and former director of 18F
Cambridge Open Data Challenges
Brainstorming around what tech can do to help local businesses, such as a single purpose content management system that will allow local first organizations to have a professional looking web site and manage the content.  It will facilitate the kind of content that will be an incentive for community members to keep coming back to the site — and shopping April 18 2017 hacknightslocally.
Dazza G Tools and Rules for Blockchain-Backed Individual Identity
  • In the Prome Conference Room, 4th Floor CIC.
  • Tonight is the third of five Legal Hack Nights dedicated to building out a reference implementation blockchain-backed individual identity digital signature app.  The app is intended to be a working prototype we can use to evaluate and work with individual identity innovation and to better understand how legal, technical and other requirements can be addressed in an integrated manner.  
  • Massachusetts Legal Hackers is grateful to hack along with Code for Boston during this special 5-part series! YOU ARE WELCOME
2 days ago
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Isaac C March for Science! April 22
This Rally for Science celebrates the discovery, understanding, and sharing of scientific knowledge as crucial to the success, health, and safety of the human race. We join together to champion not only science itself, but also publicly funded and publicly communicated scientific knowledge as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse and nonpartisan group to celebrate Boston as a space for scientists and scientific research and to support of five main goals: Communication, Funding, Policy, Literacy, and Improvement.
9 days ago
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  • Q: What current efforts are there to be proactive?
Rachelle A
  • Q: How are we empowering the communities that are being discriminated against through the initative, and how can we measure this? Can we provide an add-on for people to have self-determination when they identify forms of discrimination?
9 days ago
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Marc E Hubway Data Challenge Visualisation
Hubway data challenge vote for the best visualization 
voting closes tonight
33 days ago
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Geo G Hello everyone,
My name is Erik Gonzalez (aka Geo) and im interested in joining the code fro boston group. 
36 days ago
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Continuing our project planning and investigation of using data to identify discriminatory housing postings in online real estate listings
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Javascript
51 days ago
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Harlan W Conversations on Civic Innovation: Impact of New Media on Civic Initiatives: Apr 3, District Hall
Social Media and new approaches to journalism have had broad impact on how civic initiatives are organized and executed. Community and political movements have new tools to attract interested parties and launch campaigns. This conversation will review the fast changing world of journalism and social media and how it impacts civic initiatives.

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